Toupee for Men

At ABC Wigs, you can find a high-quality men’s toupee that offers a great solution for thinning hair. Simply put glue or double-sided tape underneath the toupee and place it on the exposed or thinning area to get a new, youthful look. This hair loss solution is specifically meant to cover a partially exposed scalp on the top of the head, and many of our mens hair pieces come with long hair so you can cut and create the style you want.

Toupee for Men | Hair Pieces for Men

A Toupee for Men with a Natural Look and Feel

We offer men’s hair replacements from some of the top brands in the industry. We have just what you need whether you want a human hair toupee or synthetic hair options, both of which can be styled to match your look. We believe that it is critical that every hair piece should look and feel natural, and you can confidently wear these hair pieces in any situation.

Toupee hair is easy to use and maintain. If you plan on wearing the toupee for an extended length of time, you can attach your toupee using specialized glue or double-sided toupee tape, or a special bonding technique, like the most advanced base construction available - the sonically welded lace base.

Our selection includes a range of hairpieces that may come pre-cut or styled to provide a certain look. Others feature longer hair, so you can style and cut them to match your needs. If you find that you need more coverage over time, our wigs for men also offer a striking and natural look to keep you looking and feeling like your old self.

Take a look through our current selection of toupees, wigs, and more to order your new look today.