Hair Weave

ABC Wigs is your #1 source for weave hair. One of the newest and popular types of hair extension techniques is the hair weave or sew-in extension. These types of extensions are very durable and are some of the longest lasting ones available, being able to be left in the hair for up to four months. With hair weave extensions, the individual wefts of hair are sewn, or threaded into the individual’s natural hair. Hair weave hair extensions are ideal for individuals with thick, full, curly, dark hair. If you’re looking for a straight or curly hair weave, a synthetic or human hair weave, we have you covered.

Hair Weave

Long-Lasting Weave Hair

Whether you’re looking to add length to your hair or looking to add volume to your short haircut without wearing a wig, weave hair can add some of the most long-lasting results on the market. Hair weave extensions are perfect for and popular among women of color, as the weaving process works best with thick, curly hair. The many hours the hair weave extension process lasts can cause more discomfort and scalp irritation, not to mention less durability for persons with thin, straight, fine hair.

At ABC Wigs, we have a large variety of human hair weave, Remy hair and synthetic hair extensions ranging from 8-26 inches in length in straight, wavy and curly hair weave textures. Our hair weave hair extensions come from some of the top hair brands including Bobbi Boss, Elegante, Euro Next, Helena, Motown Tress, Revlon, Sepia and Wig Pro.

It’s important to note the hair weave process is very time-consuming and technical. It is only recommended that experienced hair professionals apply these types of hair extensions.