The eyes are the window to your soul they say, and one of the first things many people notice about you. Set them off with stunning fake eyelashes in a style that suits you best. At ABC Wigs, you’ll find a variety of eyelash lengths, colors and styles by manufacturers like Kasina Professional, one of the most well-known manufacturers of high-quality false lashes.


Enhance Your Appearance with Fake Eyelashes

Eyelashes not only keep debris from the air out of your eyes, long thick lashes are also a desirable appearance feature. Whether one is experiencing hair loss or has a family history of short or thin eyelashes, artificial eyelashes one adheres to their eyelids can greatly enhance one’s look. At ABC Wigs, we know that while eyelashes may look small, their presence or absence can greatly affect one’s appearance. You can find the best fake eyelashes at ABC Wigs.

The Kasina Professional eyelashes at ABC Wigs are handmade from the finest 100% premium human hair and feature sharpened ends and tapered ends eyelashes. These eyelashes will look and feel like your natural ones, as well as provide the length and volume you’re looking for to enhance your look. They are some of the most realistic-looking artificial eyelashes around.

In addition to the natural look, we also feature fun solid and multi-colored eyelashes for customers looking for a bold, attention-getting look or to complement or enhance a costume.

ABC Wigs’s range of false lashes will make you feel amazing with eyelashes designed to help you achieve the lash length, volume, and appeal you’re looking for.