Dream USA

Dream USA originally designed its collection of monofilament medical wigs for chemotherapy and alopecia patients. Over the years, as more and more women with thinning and lost hair from other causes have fallen in love with Dream USA’s exceptionally high-quality line of synthetic wigs, the brand has expanded its wig lines to include comfortable, stylish wigs for women. Each wig has an all monofilament cap construction, providing the most comfortable fit for clients. The monofilament cap is hand-tied onto the see-through mesh, allowing the wig to fit on the hair as a natural head of hair would. The natural-looking front doesn’t show the wefting that is common on many machine-made wigs. No matter what color or tone your skin is, these wigs will give the front and tops that will match, giving you the most natural look possible.

To learn more about Dream USA’s monofilament wigs, its medical wigs or its wigs for women, simply browse the ABC Wigs site or contact us at ABC Wigs. We have a large selection of wigs for women, men’s wigs, children’s wigs and costume wigs available from some of the top brands in the wig industry.