Getting one’s nails painted and polished is a fun and relaxing ritual among girlfriends. With all the many colors and finishes available, you can easily select the right color for her mood, outfit, personality or desired look. But what about taking it up a notch with 3D Nail Jewelry? At ABC Wigs, we know that decorating one’s nails can greatly enhance one’s look and show off one’s unique personality and preferences. We offer quality nail jewelry from one of the top brands in the industry, Stephen. The wide array of shapes, colors, gemstones, and materials makes it easy for you to find the right piece of nail jewelry for you.

Tired of Constantly Painting Your Nails? Accessorize with Nail Jewelry

Nail jewelry has become a popular nail painting alternative that gives the wearers the ability to quickly change or transform the look of their hands, and ultimately their overall look. While ABC Wigs specializes in the selling of wigs and other hair replacement hairpieces, we also offer nail jewelry by the brand Stephen. Similar to wigs and hairpieces, nail jewelry has the ability to beautifully transform one’s look and enhance one’s costume.

Stephen offers numerous colors and styles of nail jewelry including pieces made of black-painted silver, silver, gold, rose gold, and pink gold with various types and colors of gemstones. Each nail jewelry piece features a design and distinct shapes whereby the wearer can make her look more formal and elegant or casual and playful. Popular shapes include hearts, clovers and butterflies.