Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are great for adding length and volume to your hair, creating a full head of gorgeous locks. Clip-in extensions, fusion, or weave hair extensions all give you the ability to accomplish the look you want in an instant. Our selection includes many lengths, colors, and styles, so you can immediately get the look you want. Shop for the latest synthetic or human hair extensions and find the one that is right for you.

Hair Extensions

How to Choose the Best Hair Extensions

The color, texture, and type of extension can have a big impact on your final look, and at ABC Wigs we make it easy to choose the best hair extensions.
Whether you want a slight change like a little added volume, or you can’t seem to grow your hair past your shoulders and want some dramatic length, extensions are a great choice. They are simple to attach, and your final results will look and feel natural.
We offer curly and straight extensions, long and short options, plus a wide range of colors and extension types.

When looking into extensions, you’ll want to consider all the possibilities:

Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions is very popular because they are so easy to use and provide a great look. It only takes moments to add length, volume or some new highlights. You can choose from synthetic or clip in human hair extensions to achieve the look you’re going for.

Hair Weave

A weave is a semi-permanent option for your hair. Hair weaves can be worn for up to three to four months. This may not be right for every hair type, though, so if you have a sensitive scalp or especially fine hair, you may want to look at other hair extension types.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are very long-lasting because of the bonding technique used to apply them. Once they’re in, they can be styled and treated like your natural hair and will last for months.

Explore at our selection of new and stylish hair extensions. If you’re looking for something more, you can find the perfect wig here too. Whether you’re looking for something bold and bright or sleek and understated, you can find plenty of options at ABC Wigs.