Amore Collections brings out your very best with natural hand-tied monofilament lace front wigs. Comfortably and naturally wear a stunning Amore wig if you’re experiencing hair loss, or if you’d just like to try a trendy new style.

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Wigs with Comfort & Style

Amore is a well-known brand and is the medical wigs division of renowned wig maker, Rene of Paris. Both brands are known for quality wigs that are comfortable to wear.

Amore features breathable monofilament pieces with convenient polyurethane tabs, which help significantly with scalp sensitivity. Each and every wig is made for comfort, and with the wearer in mind.

Not only are Amore Wigs comfortable, but they’re also stylish. Known for the latest styles with incredibly realistic synthetic hair, you’ll feel like your best self the moment you put your gorgeous new wig on.

Whether you’re looking for long or medium length, a straight or curly wig, or even hairpieces, hair toppers or wiglets ABC Wigs has you covered with plenty of fashionable choices that you’ll be proud to wear.

Browse our selection and find the perfect Amore medical wig for you.

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