Hair Color Chart - Belle Tress Wigs


  • Only certain colors are available for each item.
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  • The Colors and Products displayed may appear different from actual products.

  • Burgundy

    Dark natural auburn (not blue-based or "wine" colored)

  • Cappuccino

    Dark natural brown

  • Cappuccino with Cherry

    Cappuccino with Cherry
    Warm dark brown with medium and dark auburn blended highlights

  • Cayenne with Ginger Root

    Cayenne with Ginger Root
    Dark natural auburn blended with intense medium copper, dark brown root

  • Chestnut

    Bright medium copper and medium ruby red blended

  • Chocolate with Caramel

    Chocolate with Caramel
    Medium chocolate brown with light caramel brown highlights, dark brown root

  • Chrome

    Dark brown roots on medium grey with platinum tips

  • Cinnamon/HL

    Soft medium auburn with medium golden blonde highlights

  • Coffee without Cream

    Coffee without Cream
    Warm midnight espresso brown

  • Cola with Cherry

    Cola with Cherry
    Medium brown with blended medium and dark auburn highlights, dark brown root

  • Expresso

    Soft natural black (no blue tones)

  • Ginger

    Medium-dark brown blended with a hint of auburn brown

  • Ginger Brown

    Ginger Brown
    Medium golden brown and medium copper blend

  • Gold Blonde/HL

    Gold Blonde/HL
    Dark honey-gold blonde and pale ash blonde blend with lightest golden blonde highlights

  • Graduate Gray

    Graduate Gray
    Medium grey nape that transitions to a light grey top and front

  • Honey Brown

    Honey Brown
    Medium golden brown with medium golden blonde highlights

  • Honey with Chai Latte

    Honey with Chai Latte
    Light golden brown nape with blended and medium golden blonde highlights on top, medium golden brown root

  • Light Blonde/HRR

    Light Blonde/HRR
    Soft caramel brown blended and tipped with palest gold blonde

  • Marble Brown

    Marble Brown
    Medium chestnut brown blended with soft caramel brown

  • Mocha with Cream

    Mocha with Cream
    Light ash brown with hints of caramel brown blended in, medium honey blonde highlights, and dark brown root

  • Paprika

    Bright medium copper

  • Spring Honey

    Spring Honey
    Honey-ash blonde and dark honey-gold blonde blend

  • Sugar Cookie with Hazelnut

    Sugar Cookie with Hazelnut
    Caramel-honey blonde base with medium golden butterscotch blonde highlights, medium brown root

  • Vanilla Lush

    Vanilla Lush
    Unrooted soft gold butter blond with subtle light auburn blended into it

  • White

    Soft white (no blue tones)

  • 17/101


  • 60F56