Hair Color Chart - TressAllure Wigs


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  • Cocoa Bean

    Cocoa Bean
    Darkest Brown(2) Blended w/Dark Brown(4)

  • Cola Swirl

    Cola Swirl
    Dark Brown(6) w/Medium Auburn(29) and Light Blonde(24) Highlights

  • Deep Forest

    Deep Forest
    Dark Brown(4) Blended w/Dark Brown(6)

  • English Tea-HL

    English Tea-HL
    Dark Brown(6) w/Bright Red(32) and Strawberry Blonde(27) Highlights

  • Honey Bean

    Honey Bean
    Medium Brown(8) w/Strawberry Blonde Highlights

  • Midnight Coffee

    Midnight Coffee
    Off Black(1B) Blended w/Darkest Brown(2)

  • Walnut Brown

    Walnut Brown
    Dark Brown(6) Blended w/Medium Reddish Brown(10)



  • Cherrywood-HL

    Dark Brown(6) w/ Medium Bright Red(29) Highlights

  • Deep Sepia

    Deep Sepia
    Dark Brown(6) Blended w/Medium Reddish Brown(10) and Medium Auburn(28)

  • Sheer Plum

    Sheer Plum
    Dark Auburn(31) Blended w/Bright Red(130)

  • Sunset Glow

    Sunset Glow
    Auburn(33) w/ Bright Red(32) and Strawberry Swirl(40) Highlights



  • Frosty Blonde-HL

    Frosty Blonde-HL
    Honey Blonde(14) w/Gold Blonde(26) and Platinum Blonde(1001) Highlights

  • Misty Sunrise

    Misty Sunrise
    Gold Blonde(24) and Light Blonde Blend(613) w/Medium Auburn(30) Lowlights

  • Mocha Gold

    Mocha Gold
    Medium Brown(18) blended and tipped w/ Medium Gold Blonde(24B)

  • Princess Ivory

    Princess Ivory
    Light Creamy Blonde(102) w/Platinum Blonde(103) Highlights

  • Satin Gold

    Satin Gold
    Blend of Gold Blondes(140+22)

  • Velvet Cream

    Velvet Cream
    Medium Blonde(24+14) w/Light Blonde(613+140) Highlights


  • 92




  • Dark Amber-HL

    Dark Amber-HL
    Dark Brown Roots on Medium Reddish Brown Base w/Light Reddish Brown & Pale Champagne Highlights

  • Mimosa-HL

    Dark Brown Roots on Light Reddish Brown w/Pale Champagne Blonde Highlights

  • Chiffon Candy

    Chiffon Candy
    Shadowed Roots on Dark Gold Blonde w/Light Gold Blonde Highlights

  • Silky Sand

    Silky Sand
    Dark Brown Roots on Pale Champagne Blonde

  • Sugar Brulee

    Sugar Brulee
    Shadowed Roots on Medium Auburn(30) w/Butterscotch(28+613) Highlights