Whether it’s for Halloween or some other occasion it is always a fun challenge to dress as a specific character and achieve the most realistic representation possible for that character. At ABC Wigs we have a wide selection of character wigs from top character wig brands whether you need an Else Wig to just "let it go", a pirate wig to shiver your timbers, or a Troll hair wig to put some sunshine in your pocket. Our wide range of prices, styles and color options mean you’ll find the perfect wig to bring your character to life while also not breaking the bank.

Character Wigs

Get Into Character with a Character Wig

Professional theater performers, historical reenactors, cosplayers and those who participate in live-action role-playing, or LARPing are especially particular about the accuracy in their character’s representation. At ABC Wigs, our average cap size, synthetic hair and heat-resistant synthetic hair character wigs come in the length, color, style and shape your character costume needs whether you’re looking for a short or long wig, a straight or wavy wig or a wig with a bob or layered style or a wig with a traditional or capless construction. We feature wigs from some of the industry’s top brands including California Costume Wigs, Characters, Franco Costume Wigs, Hairdo, Illusions, New Look Costume Wigs, Sepia, Sepia Costume Wigs and Wicked Wigs. Whether your character is a pirate, a southern belle, a superhero, a surfer dude, a gal from Woodstock or any other character, ABC Wigs can help you get into character and make your character come alive with quality, affordable character wigs.